MINOS Batch Group

FilterDigitList Package Implimentation

The FilterDigitList Package is used in a number of the production scripts. Its purpose and correct configuration is discussed in these pages. Thanks to Alex Sousa for collecting this information.

Settings for Near Detector Spill Scripts

All the Digits with CAPID errors or with energies smaller than 70 ADC counts are removed. This is the recommended behavior since ND data began construction.

Settings for Far Detector Spill Scripts

FilterDigitListModule currently has no effect whatsoever in the spill pass. However, it should be used to remove the occasional digits with the error code bit set. To turn this on, the following mods should be implemented:

-Add the line:

jc.Path("Spill").Mod("FilterDigitListModule").Set("FilterDigitListAlgorithm=AlgF ilterDigitList");

to reco_far_Alt_CandSub_Spill_Blind_Chopped_R1_18_X.C or its equivalent

-Add the lines:

acd.Set("FilterStrategy", 1);

to the config file:

Note From Alex:

Reviewing the Far Cosmic script and noticed that using Andy Blake's algorithm throws away less digits than SR, actually resulting in almost 20% more events reconstructed at the cost of increasing the amount of demuxing failures. Most of the extra events only span a couple of planes and look quite junky. I think it is really a task for the Atmospheric group to determine what algorithm and settings they may want to be run in production.