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DataQualityReader Documentation and Usage Notes

The DataQualityReader package was written by Andy Blake. This package is first being included in the Cedar release. This package adds a new branch to the Standard Ntuple (dataquality).

The settings are the same in Near and Far Detector and for all data scripts, however it is not necessary to modify the reconstruction paths for the Monte Carlo processing (it is necessary to include the libraries though)

For all scripts it is necessary to load the following libraries:

These libraries must be loaded before libCandNtupleSR.

Reco path without DataQualityReader
             "RecordSetupModule::Get "

Reco path modified for DataQualityReader:
             "DataQualityReader::Reco "
             "RecordSetupModule::Get "

Settings for the Package

It is imperitive that DataQualityReader::Reco is the first module in the reconstruction path. Because this uses additional information it is necessary to modify the Job script to read in DaqMonitor and LIInjection records as well.


Then in order to not have these passed upstream these records should be filtered out

Note: If the records are not filtered there will be no negative consequences except that RecordSetupModule will complain with a warning for each snarl.

Finally, due to a large number of Informational messages you will want to surpress output using:
jc.Msg.SetLevel("DataQuality", "Warning");