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Cambridge Fit Track Package informaiton

The CandFitTrackCam package was written by John Marshall. This package is included in the Cedar release. This package boasts improved perfomance and a great increase in speed. This package was validated by John Marshall and Brian Rebel using R1-21 software.

The settings are the same under both detectors and in data as well as MC. The only difference is in the setting of the algorithm for Cosmic instead of Beam running (see below).

For all scripts it is necessary to load the CandFitTrackCam library:

Reco path using SR Track Fitter:
"TrackSRListModule::Reco "
"FitTrackSRListModule::Reco "
"ClusterSRListModule::Reco "

Reco path modified for CandFitTrackCam:
"TrackSRListModule::Reco "
"FitTrackCamListModule::Reco "
"ClusterSRListModule::Reco "

Settings for the Package
JobCModule& FitTrackCam = jc.Path("Reco").Mod("FitTrackCamListModule");

Additional Notes

The NameListIn setting is really important only so far as it matches the Track finder package with which it is being used. Setting to CandTrackSRList is important for running with the SR Track Finder. When using the Cambridge Track Finder a CandTrackCamList is produced, however that package can be configured to read in an aribitrary NameList (see CandTrackCam's documentation for more details).

Examples of CandFitTrackCam Scripts During testing of this package the following files were created:
Far MC Production with CamFit
Near MC Production with CamFit
Far Cosmic Data Production with CamFit
Near Cosmic Data Production with CamFit
Far Spill Data Production with CamFit
Near MC Production with Cambridge Fitter

These scripts are set to run in R1-21 or development. They will not run in earlier releases, other than that though they are equivalent to the R1-18-2/Birch production scripts with the only modifications being the addition of the Camfit. Testing of these scripts took place in R1.21 for the all scripts.