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CandEvent Settings

This page documents the settings required for the running of the new CandEventSR as created by Chris Smith.

The new builder can only be used in reconstruction paths that make use of the CandSubShower package (so no cosmics paths).
For the far detector just substitute FarBeam for NearBeam below.
The event builder can be set using the same configuration used in Ash and earlier releases:

JobCModule& EventMod = jc.Path("Reco").Mod("EventSRListModule");

The Event Builder can now also be configured as follows:

JobCModule& EventMod = jc.Path("Reco").Mod("EventSRListModule");

Examples of Scripts making use of this package
For testing purposes the following files were created:
Far MC Production with CandEvent
Near MC Production with CandEvent

These scripts are equivalent to the R1-18-2/Birch production scripts with the only modifications being the addition of the CandEvent set to use the subshower. Testing of these scripts took place in R1.18.2 for the far detector scripts and in R1-18-3 (equivalent to R1-18-2 with a backport to CandChop) for the Near Detector files.