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MINOS at Indiana University

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IU collaborators

This site is devoted to IU specific/coordinated MINOS activities.

Quick-Reference List of MINOS Software Topics

A by-topic listing of the software information available from this site.

Source Code Repository

IU has taken on the responsibility of collecting and distributing the software for the minos experiment. The source code repository is located on an alpha osf/1 machine and distributed using the cvs mechanism for concurrent development.


IU's initial role was in developing the geant-based simulation of the detector setup (gminos). We are also working with others to integrate software to simulate neutrino physics and the beam line into a coherent package. Additionally we have written code to model the response of the active detectors.

Hardware R&D Effort

IU is contributing to the design of a liquid scintillator based detector. Our principle inputs to-date are: measurements of the reflectance curves of potential extrusion materials, simulation of the geometrical and reflection effects on light capture by the waveshifting fiber.


Overview of the software

Users might wish to familiarize themselves with the software effort by viewing a diagram that sketches the general flow of the event simulations. Material presented to the R&D advisory committee can also serve as an overview.

How to get software help

Some hints on getting help with the MINOS software.

Software Q&A

A list of questions/answers that have come up.

More about MINOS

The ANL MINOS homepage is one location for more collaboration-wide information.
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