MINOS detector simulation: gminos

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code management and misc software issues, reading files with TIP reading file with FORTRAN (reco_minos) "ADAMO -- getting started, Q&A".

Numbering Conventions and Co-ordinate Systems

A document (NuMI-L-243 local ps copy) has been written to describe the various conventions used in gminos. Diagrams of the 4 defined detector orientations (X,Y,U,V) are included. Also included are descriptions of standard subroutine calls used to transform co-ordinate systems or retrieve position information.

Making choices

User specification of the geometry:

FFREAD cards are used to override default values in specifying a geometry are in place for many of the changes that a user might desire.

A description of the geometry cards is available.

Other user specifications:

Other FFREAD cards (non-geometry) that allow the user access to knobs, buttons and switches concerning other aspects in running gminos A description of the cards is available.

Example GMINOS FFREAD card file

An example card file is distributed with the code as gminos.ffr.
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