MAW: MINOS Analysis Workstation


The program maw is an integration of reco_minos into paw with the access to ADAMO available to tip. Like paw, maw uses KUIP for command parsing and menu building, so most of the available commands are familiar. What is added is the ability to call routines specific to MINOS. As well as direct access to the available routines, the user can modify internal control flags via KUIP commands.

If this functionality isn't sufficient, there is also the ability to use COMIS (interpreted FORTRAN) to add code to the user hooks.

The program and support routines are built in the $RECOPATH area. Those using the $LABYRINTH will find the executable in $LABYRINTH_BIN.

Using MAW

Commands under maw are like those under paw; KUIP will help the user navigate the command tree.

A proto-typical maw session might look like the following:

* load some COMIS routines
* do this before anything so we can attach comis hooks
for/call my_file.f(1)
* one time initialization
* read a FFREAD data file
read_ffr ! ! my_ffr_file.ffr
* reset some of the flags
setreco redigit 1
setreco smearfls 1
setreco xyuv 0
setreco faceon 0
* twiddle with the event display controls
setmhpd usecol 0
* post-FFR, pre-file processing
* open a MINOS gaf file
open_gaf gm_56110_1_av4.fz_gaf
* process two events
process 2
* draw the XYUV event display
* search for event # 8
lookfor 8
* draw the face-on display
* skip some events
skip 5
* process some more events
process 2
* rewind the MINOS gaf file
skip 6
process 1
* close the MINOS gaf file; open another
open_gaf gm_56110_2_av4.fz_gaf
process 3
* exit MAW

As usual comment lines originate with a '*'.

Using COMIS under MAW

Hooks are available for calling interpreted FORTRAN-like COMIS code under the control of maw.

Fortran hookcallsCOMIS hook

COMIS routines look like FORTRAN with a few minor exceptions. The only critical issues are the access to common blocks and external functions/subroutines.

Known deficiencies

The interface between TIP access to gafs and that of reco_minos is different. So a GAF file opened by the commands in the TIP command menus GAF/.. can not be accessed by commands in the RECO menu tree and vice versa.

The commonly used command set is now ambiguous. Generally, what is desired is graph/set which sets HPLOT and HIGZ parameters. Attempting to simply type set will fail; users must modify their kumac macro files to use graph/set. I know it's a pain, but it is near impossible to hack it out.

$THESEUS/Makefile not yet updated to build user versions of maw