Beams Division Kicker Flourinert Cooling System Review

(June 14, 2002)


Chris Jensen and I (Maurice Ball) request your participation to sit on a panel to review the NuMI kicker Flourinert Cooling System Design. The purpose of this review is to collectively and constructively evaluate the final design plans and details for this verty critical cooling system. You were chosen to participate because of your expertise or knowledge in one or more of the following areas: fluid system dynamics, kicker magnet design, instrumentation, control, power and/or safety. Expectations of the panel would be as follows:

  • Preview the NuMI Proton Extraction Kicker Magnet Cooling System Design Specification.

  • Participate in the review. (i.e. sit on the panel, ask questions for clarification, document notes, recommendations and/or concerns).

  • Request additional information at the discretion of the panel.

  • Transpose your notes, recommendations and/or concerns into a formal submittal for review by the panel chairman.

  • Each panelist should refer back to their individual technical experiences and evaluate based on safety, cost, operation and design issues.

    Review Committee

    Bruce Baller, Sam Childress, Bob Ducar, Nancy Grossman, Ray Lewis, Dave Pushka, Rob Reilly, John Riordan, Karl Williams.

    Presented Materials


    Closure File