WBS 1.1 NuMI Upstream (MI65 and Underground) Installation Plans Post Beneficial Occupancy

(8/13/03) 1-4 pm Location 12NE


Reference Materials


Introduction - Rich Andrews
Building/Shaft/Tunnel - Elaine McCluskey
Pre-Target Area - Mayling Wong
Target Hall - Jim Hylen
Crane Control - Greg Lawrence
Trafficking - Greg Lawrence
Lead Handling - Greg Lawrence
Davis Bacon & Lab Labor - Greg Lawrence
Access Control - Tom Prosapio
Emergency Procedures - Tom Prosapio
Schedule & Resources
MS Project - Tom Prosapio
Manpower Resources Required - Dave Augustine
Material Disposition - Mike Petkus
Hazard Analysis & Job Plan
Installation Procedures - Tom Prosapio
Presentations by Task Managers
Prosapio's Rules of Engagement


Jim Kirby, Mayling Wong,Sam Childress, Dave Pushka, Bob Ducar, Jim Hylen, Craig Moore, Dave Ayres, Andy Stefanik, Kris Anderson, David Tinsley, Bill Boettinger, Steve Hays, Wes Smart, Rick Ford, Rich Andrews, Bruce Baller, Dave Augustine, Joel Misek, Bob Bernstein, Phil Martin, Rob Plunkett, Leon Beverly, Mike Andrews


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