Hadron Absorber Review

(June 12, 2001)

Charge to the committee and draft agenda

The charge to the committee can be found here. The draft agenda can be found at this location. As stated there "Bob Ducar will present Dave Pushka's material". Bob will also discuss which abnormal conditions for the RAW system should go into the Beam Permit system.

Final Report

The final report of the committee can be found here.

Closure Document


PDF files of presentations are here. The Ideas slides from the presentation by Ernie Villegas were added after 6/12.

Review Documentation

Documents added 6/8/01 or 6/11/01 start here.

Documents added 6/8/01 or 6/11/01

PDF files of Presentations

Miscellaneous Items

Here is a poster from the Minos Web site, describing how a Neutrino beam is made.

This is a link to the Updated TDR chapter on radiation safety. It is a link borrowed from the web site for the 4/4/01 Director's Review of the NuMI project.

Here is a reference to Rigging Gear Sales found on the WWW. These are the people who can supply the Mini-Jack crane and Twin Lift that we are planning on utilizing for installation of the Absorber.

Here is a link to the web site for 4 Point Lift Systems, Inc. The Twinlift we are considering is shown here. Rigging Gear Sales is a major distributor of the equipment made by 4 Point Lift Systems.