Pre-Target   NuMI Stub &
  Enclosure   Carrier Tunnel
  High      Voltage Signal - Multi Cond   500 kcmil Ground
500 kcmil Ground   Signal - HV - Multi Cond High     Current
  High              Current High      Current  
    Upper Hobbit - No Power Cables no need for divider
  W   W
  A   A
  L   L
  L   L
  Magnets - Components - Beam Pipe Aisle   Magnets - Components - Beam Pipe Aisle
Two Divided Cable Trays - Looking Downstream (North) Single Divided Cable Tray - Looking Downstream (North)
The 500 kcmil Bare Copper Grounding Conductor is Located in the "High Current" Portion of the Cable Tray and Close to the Wall