NuMI PLC Systems 
Summary of Instrumentation and Control Signals
Guidelines for ACNET Database Names and Device Descriptions
General Name System Description Instrumentation Types
E:62W i nn MI-62 LCW System Character i =  Description
E:62P i nn Pond Water Cooling for MI-62 LCW System (PV-9) A Alarm
E:BTHinn Baffle, Target and Horn Instrumentation E Enable
E:TBR i nn Target & Baffle RAW System F Flow
E:H1R i nn Horn 1 RAW System H Humidity
E:H2R i nn Horn 2 RAW System I Current
E:DUR i nn Decay Pipe Cooling RAW System - Upstream L Liquid Level
E:TPCinn Target Pile Air Cooling System P Pressure
E:ABSinn Absorber Instrumentation R Resistivity
E:DPVinn Decay Pipe Vacuum System S Motor or Actuator
E:ABR i nn Absorber Cooling RAW System T Temperature
E:ABI i nn Intermediate Water Cooling for Absorber RAW System V Valve
E:DDR i nn Decay Pipe Cooling RAW System - Downstream W Three Way Control Valve
E:MNW i nn MINOS LCW System X Position
Characters nn =  Description
01 thru 99 Max Number for a Given Type