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Near Detector Plane Layouts

Near Module Layouts

Fiducial Area Strip Numbers - A one-page diagram showing the 4 Plane types (Full and Partial, U and V), with 25cm and 50cm radius fiducial regions over-laid, and showing which strip numbers on each plane type cross the fiducial regions.

  • PDF File, best for printing, as the resolution is optimized for print. Also Layers from the drawing are preserved, so that using the current version of Acrobat, one can turn on/off selected Plane Types rather than looking at them all overlapping (can print with layers turned on/off as well).
  • JPG File - less optimal resolution for printing, although adequate screen resolution. All layers are visible and cannot be turned on/off. But a JPG file can be imported into PowerPoint, while a PDF cannot.

Near Plane Module Layouts A 1-page diagram showing each of the 4 plane types, with labels identifying each module type, and pointers indicating strip #1 in each module type (mapper strip number, not readout strip number)

Module Snout Positions, relative to floor and support post, all JPG

Plane Layouts, all PDF - these are each a 1-page diagram, showing the design locations of each module type on each plane. The locations of the B-dot coils is also shown.

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