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MINOS Near Hall

Detector Hall Layout

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Near Detector Hall Layout

  • Flat, beam's eye view 77k, 29sec @ 28.8kbps
    showing a flat view of the front of the Near Detector, looking in the beam direction (downstream) with support structure, racks, but NOT the modules. The red are the fire sprinklers, the tall grey things along the walls are the downspouts which drain water from the drip-roof (not shown), purple are the water pipes, LCW unit and cooling fan-coil units, light grey are flourescent light fixtures.
  • 3-D isometric, from SW 194k, 70sec @ 28.8kbps
    a 3-D isometric view of the readout side of the Near Detector, with support structure, racks, fire protection and cooling water piping.
  • 3-D isometric, from SE 138k, 50sec @ 28.8kbps
    a 3-D isometric view of the Near hall, from the upstream east corner, showing all known (so far) infrastructure elements, such as the electrical power panels (light green), the LCW and cooling water (purple), Fire protection (red), coil power supply (dull orange). Racks for the DAQ, DCS etc are shown just in front of the catwalk stairs.
  • Tunnel & Hall 73k, 27sec @ 28.8kbps
    a 3-D view of the Access Tunnel and Hall, showing the beam "stay clear" area, which is the grey cylinder, 12ft diameter, surrounding the beam centerline.

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