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Near Detector Cabling

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This is the older material - old but not out-dated.

Cable Layout

  • Cable Strain Relief - metal bars attach to studs on the steel plates, and provide strain relief at the detector end of the cable.
  • Cable Support Shelves
    Front view of detector and racks, showing the shelves designed for the support of the fiber readout cables. Their location right at the back of the line of racks provides strain relief for the cable connector at the Alner Box end.
  • Photo of LED fiber patch panel
    Proposed patch panel to distribute the LED fibers from a Pulser Box. The LED fibers would be run along the fiber readout cable support shelves to their destination plane
  • Cable Modeling 1/10 size
    This model at UCL was used to determine the required lengths of the fiber cables
  • Photo of Full Size Model Cabling
    A portion of the fiber cabling was modeled on the full-scale model at Rutherford. This is a view of the back of the most upstream Front-End U rack, lower level. Readout Fiber conduit is shown plugging into the locations of Alner phototube boxes. There are two rows of 4 Alner boxes in each FE rack - photo shows the upper half of the rack.
  • Photo of Full Size Model Cabling
    A view looking upstream, standing between the side of the detector and the back of the FE racks. Fiber conduit comes from the detector on the left, runs along the cable shelf, and into the lower halves of the 1st two FE racks.

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