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Near Detector Hall Access
Training & Procedures

Personal Safety Equipment | Access Rules & Restrictions | Elevator Usage

Underground Egress & Stay-Clear Areas | NuMI Site Map | MSB Site Map | MSB Layout

Underground Safety Training Class

Anyone who wishes to access the NuMI-MINOS underground areas must take the FNAL ES&H NuMI Underground Safety course. You can sign up online via the ES&H TRAIN pages: go to FNAL-At-Work, where there is a link directly to the TRAIN page; select Sign-up Online. On the next page, fill in the form with your ID, selecting Safety as the course type, and submit; on the next page select NuMI Underground Training in the left-column menu Course # FN 000368/CR/01. The training class is generally offered every other Tuesday, and several Tuesdays are listed, so take note of the date for the class you are signing up for. Additional classes may be scheduled on other days if there is a need - contact Mike Andrews or John Cassidy, the NuMI Safety Managers.

Safety Gear

As you learn in the underground safety training class, hard hats and safety glasses with side shields are required AT ALL TIMES while underground. Work boots or sturdy shoes are required; steel-toed boots are required only around rigging operations - which means during normal working hours in the Hall when a plane is being mounted.

PLAN AHEAD. Don't expect that this equipment will be waiting for you at the shaft elevator entrance. It is your responsibility to provide yourself with this equipment or make certain you can obtain/borrow it.

That said - there will be some hardhats and safety glasses with side shields available at the MINOS Service Building - you should always inquire as to how many are available (by calling the Building - phone number x3262). Those who plan to spend shift-time working on installation should obtain their own hardhats and safety glasses - both are available in the FNAL Stockroom.

If you wear prescription glasses, these alone are not considered safety glasses unless they are the proper type of plastic lens and also have side shields. A few Over-Glasses type safety glasses will be made available at the MINOS Service Building. However, anyone who wears glasses and plans to spend installation or commissioning shifts underground should obtain prescription safety glasses. Most institutions have programs to provide prescription safety glasses, through university medical services or laboratory services. FNAL uses a local vendor to provide prescription safety glasses - the service representative is at the Lab every Friday from 10-2, in the High Rise basement on the East side between the entrance doors and the elevators. You will need to provide a copy of your prescription, and if you are not an employee, you will have to pay for them (but they are fairly inexpensive, as glasses go). Be sure to get side shields. The glasses take 1-2 weeks to be delivered. PLAN AHEAD.

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Access Rules and Restrictions

The MINOS Service Building is located near the incoming Pine Street road, but you drive to the site via Giese Road in back of the High Rise; see this Site Map for how to get there.

Once at the MINOS site, park only in designated areas - see this Parking Areas Map for the designated areas. Do NOT park close to the building during normal working hours; all the space around the building is needed for trucks delivering materials to turn around and back into the building high bay. If your car is in the way, and you are somewhere underground, your car WILL be moved by whatever means is available (typically, a forktruck).

The MINOS Service Building is generally kept locked. There is a key to open the doors to the high bay and mechanical areas. There is a separate key to access the elevator alcove. These keys will not be handed out to short-term visitors or shift workers. For evening commissioning shifts, the Shift Captains will have keys, and they escort their shift crew. During normal working hours when the Floor Manager is present, the main high bay entrance door will generally be open; visitors can enter the Building there and inquire about going underground.  Or CALL AHEAD, the phone number at MSB is x3262.

Whether or not you have a key, you must ALWAYS check in with the Floor Manager before heading underground. The Floor Manager keeps track of the people underground and the work they are doing, and what work and workers are anticipated during the day. Casual inspections or visits are allowed, but be aware that such visitors may be turned away due to a lack of access badges.

See this Building Layout to identify the entrances, room layout, and Floor Manager Office.

To reach the Floor Manager Office from any entrance, you will walk past the shaft. If there is a rigging operation in progress, stay out of the way and wait until it is completed. Please do not lean over the guardrail to gawk down the shaft - anyone losing their hard-hat and/or safety glasses in this way will be banned from the site.

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Elevator Usage

The NuMI Underground Safety Training described the tag-in/tag-out procedure; the badge board is located in the elevator alcove. On your first visit you should ask for instructions on the operation of the elevator. The entry doors to the elevator alcove are fire doors, and must remain closed. The elevator doors open vertically, freight elevator style. These doors are interlocked to the elevator motor. When the elevator reaches the top or bottom, the doors cannot be opened until the motor winds down - about 5 seconds after the elevator has stopped. DO NOT YANK on the doors during that 5 seconds - WAIT. Don't be the person who brought all installation to a halt because your yanking on the the doors results in elevator repair work!

Underground Egress & Stay Clear Areas

The elevator section of the shaft, the elevator alcove in the MINOS Service Building, and the enclosed Egress Passage underground, are all part of an over-pressured fire emergency egress system. Doors leading to and from these areas are all fire doors, and must be kept closed.

On reaching underground, when you exit the elevator, you will see a door directly in front of you. This door leads out to the area just barely downstream of the shaft. The space around the shaft base is not roomy, and any activity there makes it crowded. Collaborators are never involved in delivering materials with the shaft crane, and should never exit into this area.

Instead, use the Egress Passage to reach other exit doors farther upstream or downstream. When you leave the underground areas, likewise use these doors, and do not walk down the main tunnel to the one just downstream of the shaft.

This Underground Map shows which doors to use (map in progress).

If you need to walk past the shaft area, from downstream to upstream or visa-versa, use the Egress Passage. When not in use, the shaft base is roped off and signed advising to stay clear. Do not stand under the shaft and gawk upward.

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