1.A) Optical Cables along with:
  1. 4 dowels for each, 2 thicker and 2 thinner for both the detector and the Alner box end
  2. 4 specials screws for each, 2 for the detector end and 2 for the Alner box end.
  3. The appropriate lens tissue and ethyl alcohol for cleaning the connectors (also for the LI cables ).
  4. 2 rubber band, one for the detector end and one for the Alner box end.
  5. One sock for the detector end
  6. Cable ties (for both the sock and the LI cables ).
  7. Hex screwdrivers for the optical connectors.

      LABELS : Optical Cables are nicely labeled with the plane number
      and an  additional letter :
                G  H  I             for the partially covered planes &
                J  K  L  M  N  for the fully covered planes

1.B) Strain Relieves along with:
  1. i.1 or 2 (for the JU & JV planes) bolts  to secure them on the screws that reside on the planes in 4 (fully covered) or 3 (partially covered)  different positions.
  2. 1 or 2 clamps for each, along with their screw and nut.
  3. 1 or 2 allen wrenches & a screwdriver.
       LABELS: Strain relieves are labeled with the appropriate letter and
                          the plane orientation :
            GU, HU, IU, GV, HV, IV                    (partially covered planes)
           JU,KU/LU,MU,NU, JV,KV/LV,MV,NV (fully covered planes)

2.C) LI cables along with :
  1. i.A piece of felt used in the ashtray
LABELS : They are labeled with the plane number and an additional number on each fiber end.

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