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MINOS Cluster Node Assignments

The MINOS Linux cluster is available to MINOS collaborators for MINOS computing efforts. At this time we are not running load balancing software for interactive logins and thus rely on users to distribute themselves amongst the machines (Ganglia can help here). Because the local scratch disks are not cross-mounted interactive users often find themselves repeatedly using the same machine. This can be avoided by the migration to the /minos/scratch network storage disk space.

This page serves as a central place to record the nodes that have a predefined purpose as well as those that individual users favor.

A listing on this page generally does NOT grant any license of priority, exclusivity or any other special privileges. This page is for the purpose of facilitating the avoidance of conflict and to enhance an uniform distribution of demand on MINOS resources.
The exception to the above are machines/processes with this background color which are deemed important services. These machines should be generally avoided if possible so as not to interfere with these important services.

Unless otherwise stated all nodes are running Scientific Linux 4.7 (Fermi).

Node Special
User Usage
Condor batch submission node
--- Condor schedd -- condor jobs should be submitted on this node
minos26 reserved (unavailable for general use) mindata 32bit kernel access, nightly build
This node is used to build base releases -- this means that heavy use at night could delay completion of nightly "development" build. A complete clean build is done every Sunday night (10pm - ~4am FNAL-time).
minos27 reserved (unavailable for general use) mindata Monitoring, Shift Notification (habig), Calibration, MC import
gmieg xrootd server (minos-xrootd)
minos50 --- general use, write access to /pnfs/minos
minos51 critical system NIS Network Information Service (formerly "yp")
minos52 --- general use
minos53 --- general use
minos54 NOVA NOVA On loan to NOVA
minos-mysql1 reserved (unavailable for general use) no direct user access Farm database replica
minos-mysql2 reserved (unavailable for general use) no direct user access database server as minos-db1
NIS NIS secondary server
minos-sam01 reserved (unavailable for general use) no direct user access Old SAM servers, retiring
minos-sam02 reserved (unavailable for general use) no direct user access SAM dev/int dbserver
minos-sam04 reserved (unavailable for general use) no direct user access SAM prd dbserver and station, and name servers

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