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Using Condor to access the MINOS / GPFarm FNAL Batch Nodes

The Condor batch system is used to submit and monitor batch jobs. All the MINOS cluster nodes have access to AFS and the full range of ups products that are installed on FNALU; most of the General Purpose (GP) and CDF nodes do not.

Condor at MINOS

Ryan Patterson's pages can be found at: http://www-numi.fnal.gov/condor/

Old (obsolete) Info:

Until this new page if fully operational users might also refer to:

Condor jobs on the MINOS cluster

The MINOS cluster nodes that are running condor jobs are minos02 through minos10 and minos14 through minos24. The minos25 node should be used for job submission.


Condor jobs on the GPFarm (via glideins)

see HOWTO.condor.



  • Multi-process submissions
    Supposed you want to run the C++ script myrootjob42.C 5 times, once each with the argument 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. Supposed also, that one expects that the value the "42" is subject to change. By writing using two short text files one can easily accomplish this and simple changes to one will allow variations in the "42" and the number of processes (here, 5) to run. This particular setup will only work on nodes with AFS.

    multi-process example scripts

    • myrootjob42.C
      The desired C++ ROOT macro which takes 1 argument.
    • myjob.sh
      A bash shell script that setups the working environment (remember that, unlike LSF, the submission process' env is not carried over). This particular script also changes its 2nd passed argument (process number) from a zero-based index to a one-based one.
    • myjob.submit
      The configuration file for Condor. This controls the arguments passed to myjob.sh and how many processes are run. To change the part of the script name or the number of processes to run in the sequence this is the only file that must be changed.




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