DOE Review of the NuMI Project

February 17, 2005

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Reference Materials


  1. Verify Performance Criteria Have Been Met
  2. NuMI Commissioning Report (MS Word) (PDF)

    (2/15/05: Minor changes have been made in Section 3.1)


  3. Issue a Final Safety Analysis Report
  4. Safety Documentation Overview (MS Word) (PDF)


  5. Prepare Operating and Maintenance Procedures

    Operating and Maintenance Procedures Overview (MS Word) (PDF)


  6. Complete Acceptance Testing and Correct Deficiencies
  7. Project Sign-Off Sheets:

    (templates are given for 2,3; signed versions will be available at the review)

    1. NuMI Project Level 1 Completion Certification
    2. NuMI Project WBS 1.1 Completion Certification (MS Word) (PDF)
    3. NuMI Project WBS 2.0 Completion Certification (MS Word) (PDF)
    4. NuMI Project WBS 3.0 Completion Certification


  8. Complete Operations Readiness Review
  9. Operation Readiness Overview (MS Word) (PDF)


  10. Provide a Trained & Qualified Operations and Maintenance Staff
  11. Training and Qualifications Overview (MS Word) (PDF)


  12. Complete and Issue a Project Transition-to-Operations Report
  13. Transition to Operations memo from Bock to Witherell (MS Word) (PDF)