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Documents--not yet www linked

Project Execution Plan

The PEP should be available from either Dave Boehnlein or Monica Sasse.

Integrated Safety Management Plan

The ISM should be available from Mike Andrews.


Horn 1 Module Engineering Handbook*

*Address inquiries about the module documents to Jim Hylen

Power Supplies

Zhijing’s Notes (FEA?)*

The kicker charging power supply specification (ES-370-035)*

Design specifications of the horn PS choke -- Specification # 9820-ES-370036*

*Address inquiries about the Power Supply documents to George Krafczyk or Nancy Grossman

Radiation Safety

Production and Release of Airborne Radionuclides Due to the Operation of NuMI, TM-2089. This document is available electronically, but needs correction--since it gives inconsistent results.

A. Van Ginneken and M. Awschalom, “High Energy Particle Interactions in Large targets”, Fermilab, 1975, (available from the Fermilab Publications Office).

Drawings not on HTTP server

See list at bottom of drawings web page

See the Fermilab Telephone Directory if necessary.

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