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Drawings on www

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Drawings from the Service Buildings & Outfitting phase of civil construction can be found at "\\numiserver\Share\Buildings&Outfitting" (a Windows file server). They were generated by Gary VanZanderbergen. If newer ones are needed, Gary can be found in Wilson Hall, on the Mezzanine level on the west side. Paper copies can be found in the drawing room, WH12SW, or in Dixon Bogert's office on WH12X.

Target Hall

Horn 1 assembly drawing, 8875.112-ME-363092*

Horn 2 assembly drawing, 8875.112-ME-363382*

Integration drawing for the modules, carrier, and horn 1 is 8874.000-ME-363028*.

The shielding installation drawings are 8875.126-ME-406820 through 406830*.

The installation assembly drawing for the Horn 1 carriage is 8875.126-ME-427286*.

The installation assembly drawing for the Horn 2 carriage is 8875.126-ME-427287*.

The installation assembly drawing for the Target/Baffle carriage is 8875.126-ME-427288*.

* Address inquiries about these drawings to Jim Hylen

Horn Power Supply

High Power Elements -- Drawing 9820-MD-370111**

Capacitor bank water system -- Drawing 9820-MC-370054**

Firing Circuits - drawing # 9820-EC-370116**

Mechanical Enclosure -- drawing 2782.000-ME-314551**

**Address inquiries about these drawings to George Krafczyk or Nancy Grossman


Drawing 8875.117-MC-406233, NuMI Water Systems Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) Legend*

Drawing 8875.117-ME-406228, NuMI Extraction & Pre-Target (Upstream) LCW System P&ID*

Drawing 8875.117-ME-406230, NuMI Downstream P&ID*

Drawing 8875.117-ME-406229, NuMI Absorber RAW System P&ID*

Drawing 8875.117-ME-406231, NuMI Decay Pipe Cooling P&ID*

Drawing 8875.117-ME-406232, NuMI Target & Baffle P&ID*

Drawing 8875.117-ME-406477, NuMI Horn #1 and Horn #2 RAW Water P&ID*

Drawing 8875.117-ME-406092, NuMI-Vacuum Decay Pipe Vacuum P&ID*

Drawing 8875.117-MC-406XXX, NuMI Proton Beam-line Vacuum P&ID*

*Address inquiries about these drawings to Dave Pushka

See the Fermilab Telephone Directory if necessary.

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