Shifter's Guide to Checking Out Keys

Elevator Keys

Keys to the MINOS Shaft elevator are kept in the clear key box hanging on the south end of the east wall in the Nu Control Room. Keys can be given out by both the MINOS and the MINERvA shifter(s) following the procedure below. It is a good idea to read the Accessing the Underground page and be familiar with the Access Permit Memo. If you have any questions or concerns about the procedure contact the Underground Coordinator.

Check Training

Check Permit

  • Ask Requestor for their permit number
  • Visual Inspections are VI
  • Personnel destine for the Absorber area should indicate AD
  • Check the Open Permits list to see their Work Permit is Approved
  • Check the Tour Requests list to see their Tour Permit is Approved
  • Janitorial and Fire Techs should simply indicate such

Log Key

The Shifter or the Requester should notate the following information in the paper logbook:

  • Date Key was checked out
  • Name of person key was checked out to
  • ID of person key was checked out to
  • Key Number checked out
  • Time key was checked out to go Down
  • Permit number

Remind them there must be at least 2 people underground during any access, and to wear closed-toed shoes, a hard hat and take a flashlight.

If there are any problems with ANY part of this process contact the Underground Coordinator.

Returning Keys

Keys can be dropped in the clear Plexiglas drop box, located next to the key log book. Requesters should log the time of return in the book when they return the keys. If there is a shortage of keys contact the Underground Coordinator, otherwise the box will be emptied once a day. Individuals are responsible for returning their own key. Keys MUST be returned at the completion of a job. Keys should not leave site, or be kept for multiple days without the approval of the Underground Coordinator.

Service Building Keys

The MINOS Service Building is now equip with a card-reader system. This allows ALL Fermilab Employees to access the building with their ID card. Visitors and Contractors will need to make a one time request with the Key & ID office on the ground floor of Wilson Hall.