Work Permits

Work performed underground or in the Surface Building requires a Permit to proceed. The Permit is primarily a means of informing us of work within the area and whether the work impacts other users or systems. The Permit is also used to assess the need for any Job Hazard Analyses (JHAs) or written Operating Procedure or other safety review.

Who needs a Work Permit?

Anyone doing any form of work underground, including visual inspection of equipment, is part of a work group. Each specific job or task has 2 or more people performing it, and these people make up the work group. Each work group has a Work Permit entered for their job. One person from each work group can fill out the Permit Request form for the whole group. Some jobs take a few hours, while others can take days or weeks; in general, just one Work Permit is needed for any of these job durations.

In general, everyone in a work group has current underground training and will check out a key. Untrained collaborators can go underground with a work group, but they cannot do anything more than observe or record (no helping, no handling of tools). There can be no more than 2 untrained for every 1 trained person in the work group, and the untrained people must have a Fermi ID badge and completed GERT and other basic training required to obtain the badge. Larger groups of untrained collaborators can only go underground as part of a Tour - by definition, no work is performed during a tour.

Sometimes more than one group is working on the same detector. In general, technical groups should enter their own work permit separate from experimenter collaborator groups. For example, 5 people plan to work on COUPP on the same day. Two are scientists doing cabling and three are techs moving equipment with the crane and forktruck. These are two different work groups performing different types of work, and they need two separate work permits.

Requesting a Permit

Use the link in the sidebar to go to the Permit Request form page. Read through the form to see what questions you need to answer, and try to gather this information when you first enter the Permit Request. Each Permit gets it's own web page holding all their entry information; you can examine existing Permits, to see how some have been filled out, by clicking on the permit number in the permits list page. It's OK if you don't know all the information in advance, or if some information changes after the Permit Request is entered; any Permit can be modified from it's page once the request has been submitted. Deleted Permits can be restored by administrator action.

Permit Approval

When first submitted, Work Permits are Not Approved, and this status is displayed in the permit list and on the permit's page. Your group will not be issued access keys until the Permit is approved. When you submit the permit request, an email is sent to the underground coordinators. They approve the requests, and the permit requestor will be informed by email when the permit is approved.

Jobs which span days to weeks are entered on the Work Calendar. Jobs lasting less than a day will generally not be entered on the Work Calendar.