Work Permit 0224    Approved
Date of Request Requestor Job Type
Wed Apr 01, 2015 James Kilmer
Detector Maintenance
Work Start Date Work Duration Number of People
Fri Jul 24, 2015 1 day 2 people
Work Location Detector or System Special Tools
MINOS Hall only MINERvA Detector none of these
Detailed Description
This job is to maintain the liquid helium target refrigerator for Minerva. The maintenance is done by a factory technician who brings all of the parts with him. We will do contractor training early on the morning at 7:30-8 AM. Then we need to get the specific training for him to be escorted into the Minos cavern so he can do the work. I will act as his escort. I estimate it will take him 4 hours or so to do the work. I have to arrange for the company to provide the tech so I'm going to ask for him at any day this week.
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Last updated: Tue Apr 14, 2015 14:15:20 EDT