Work Permit 0223    Approved
Date of Request Requestor Job Type
Wed Apr 01, 2015 James Kilmer
Detector Maintenance
Work Start Date Work Duration Number of People
Mon Jul 06, 2015 1 to 2 weeks 2 people
Work Location Detector or System Special Tools
Other MINERvA Detector none of these
Detailed Description
This job is the work required to remove and recover the helium in the Minerva helium target. It requires setting up the small recovery compressor inside the Minos surface building and putting in two tube trailers to store the helium in. the tube trailers are placed just outside the main man door for the building. The expectted start date above is the actuall day to start the helium recovery. The setup will start much earlier to get all of the equipment into position.
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Last updated: Tue Apr 14, 2015 14:15:14 EDT