Tour Request Form

Who fills out this form? Tour requestors must have a valid Fermilab email address and a Fermilab ID. In general, tours of the MINOS Areas are requested by the Fermilab Education Office, by Fermilab staff, or by Lab Users. Groups visiting the Lab should contact the Education Office to arrange tours for them, or make a request through Fermilab staff or Users they are aquainted with.

Tour Requestors are expected to arrange for Tour Escorts. Escorts must be assigned before the tour can be approved. This form is not a request to have Escorts arranged for you. If you need help finding suitable escorts contact the Underground Coordinator.

Requestors should read the Rules for Tours on the Tours Information page.

Fill in all entries in the form. Once submitted, a page for your tour will be created, holding the information you entered. You can update this information later if your plans change, from your tour's page.

Requestor First Name:
Requestor Last Name:
Requestor E-MAIL Address :
Fermilab ID Number :
Tour Date :
Time of Day
Do not count Escorts as part of the number of tourists. Groups of more than 10 tourists must be approved by PPD ES&H.
Number of Tourists
In general all tourists must be 18 or over. Groups with tourists just under age 18 must be approved by PPD ES&H.
Everyone over 18?
Tour Description : name or institution of the group, or name of the workshop they might be attending, or other descriptor (your parents). Enter the names of the tour's Escort(s) when you know who they are. Give a more accurate time of day, if you know it. Give the exact number of tourists, if you know it. All of this information can be updated from your tour's web page anytime after this form is submitted.
Please DO NOT use ENTER or Carriage Return in the Text Box. Let your text WRAP